How to View a Student Library Account

Open Moorhead's Library Link:

The login button is in the upper right corner.

Use the student's First Class username and password. Username is the first 5 letters of the last name and the first 3 letters of the first name. Example: John Smith is smithjoh

If the student's name has fewer letters, then use the letters they have. Joe Li would be lijoe

(be aware that sometimes this username rule does not apply, so call or email us for help)

The password is stu and the last 5 digits of the student's social security number. Someone with a SS# of 123-45-6789 would have a password: stu56789

Once logged in, go to My Info.

There are two sections. One is “Materials Out”. This shows the books or materials and when they are due.

The other section is “Fines”. This shows how much is owed on their account, and the reason.

Check out the super features of your library account!

Try out Destiny Quest. You can post book reviews on the books you have read, make a personal list of your own favorite books.  Find out which books are the most popular at Moorhead, and see the newest books as they arrive!